6 Easy Steps to Find your Style

Finding your style is an exciting process but can also be overwhelming. The first step to finding your style is to figure out what you like. Then comes the fun part: buying new clothes and figuring out what works best for you! Explore stylish t shirts for men like men’s polo T-shirts, graphic tees, and fitted shirts to find out what looks best on you. Here are six easy ways to identify your style.
Step 1. Figure Out the Styles You Like
Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself questions like: What do I like? What do I dislike? What do I think looks good on me? What do I think looks terrible on me?
This exercise can help you start thinking about what clothes you want to wear and how they make you feel. It also helps keep your mind open to new possibilities as we move forward with this process because if there’s anything that can be said about personal style, it’s that it isn’t set in stone—it should evolve as we grow older and become more aware of our own tastes and preferences!
Step 2. Identify your inspirations

At this point, you should have a good idea of the kind of person you are and what makes you tick. Now it’s time to find out what inspires you.

To do this, reflect on your past and identify people or things that inspire you. What do they do? How do their actions make them stand out from others? In particular, look at how they dress: what styles do they wear? How are those styles different from yours? Are there other qualities about these people that make them unique in your eyes (e.g., a fantastic sense of humor)? Take notes as needed!

Now consider why these folks inspire such strong admiration within yourself. Ask yourself: “What would need to change about my own sense of style for me to be more like them?”

Step 3. List your favourite items of clothing

This step is about identifying the clothes that make you feel good and then determining why they make you feel good. It’s essential to try on some of your favorite items as you go through this process. The goal here is to determine what characteristics of a garment or accessory make it something that makes you want to put it on before other items in your closet.

  • What colors do I love?
  • What patterns do I gravitate toward?
  • What silhouettes are my favorite?
  • How do I like my clothes tailored (if at all)?
  • Do I prefer polo T-shirts or casual graphic tees?
Step 4. Figure Out What Clothes Make You Feel Coolest
  • One of the most important questions you can ask yourself about your style is, “What clothes make me feel cool?” The answer to this question could be anything. Maybe it’s a pair of jeans that fit perfectly or a men’s polo t-shirt that fits perfectly. Perhaps it’s a pair of pants with some pockets in the back that are just right for holding things like your keys and phone. It could also be as simple as how easy it is to put on or take off certain clothes or how comfortable they are when you’re wearing them. Whatever it may be, remember: You want these items in your wardrobe because they make you feel good!

  • Now we’re going to talk about what makes an outfit “cool.” Think about what makes other people look cool…in real life and online! People who dress like this have influential personalities—they aren’t afraid of standing out from the crowd by wearing bright colors and patterns or clothing tailored differently than most others around them.

Step 5. Don't be afraid to experiment
Don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks. Don’t be scared to try new styles and colors, materials, cuts, and shapes. If you have a favorite item in your closet that doesn’t fit the style you’re going, for now, don’t let that stop you from trying something else! If you’re looking for inspiration on what’s hot right now, look at fashion blogs or search google image results.
Step 6. Ask your friends and relatives about what looks best on you
  • Ask your friends, family, and colleagues what looks best on you.
  • Be specific with them. If they say, “you look great in black,” don’t just take it at face value—ask what they mean by looking great in black. Do I look more attractive? More sophisticated? More mature? You’ll get a lot more out of the conversation if you’re specific about why and how something looks good on you than if all you ask for is one-word answers like always or never.
  • Ask them to be honest with their feedback: No one wants to give constructive criticism (especially not when it’s about their style), but sometimes we need someone who knows us well enough to tell us that our new shoes are too big or our pants make us look fat!
Use this as a guide to finding your personal style

This is a guide to finding your style. It’s a process, not an exact science. The steps below are meant to be used as guidelines and not rules—if you find yourself in step 2 or 3 and something feels off, don’t worry! You can always try another route. Remember: there is no wrong way to do this; every person has their own definition of what it means to have a “good” style.

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